Thursday, December 11, 2014


So, this blog is linked to a very old, never used gmail account and it is time to get everything on the same page. Thus, I am redirecting you to follow us on my new blog:

Farewell, Chuleah!!!

I Took A Break. . .the Understatement of the Year!!!

So, you think I disappeared? Nope, not really. Life happened. It is sad that my baby is almost 18 months old and her name is still not even on this blog. . .that will hopefully be remedied soon.

What's been happening with us? Well, a lot!!! If I am lucky, I will try to do some backwards blogging. Stay tuned. . .

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flooring Renovation

So, we started this renovation the day after Christmas, and let me tell you, we're still not done (doing every single thing by ourselves, with two kids, a 1st trimester pregnant wife with smell and fatigue issues, a husband that works and is in school full time, and plenty of hiccups)! It has been a LONG journey, but a good learning one. I got all the necessary saws, tools, and flooring for my Christmas present. Then, Christopher and I began removing the nasty tile floor!

 This tile was seriously GROSS! This is one of the messiest, least enjoyable steps of any project we've done yet. While demolition was fun, the mess was crazy. 

 We found mold from the previous owners leak, that halted the process until it was taken care of.
 We began cutting everything inside on-site, then we all got sick from all the dust in the air.
 We laid the underlayment, then the floors started going in. This was actually a carpeted area, but we wanted the whole main floor to be cohesive, so we removed it. A simple square room seems simple enough. It was until we realized our expansion gaps were too big and our pattern was wrong. So, after we finished the entire floor in this room, we ripped it up and did it all over again!

 We tried to make it a point to spend quality time with our kiddos everyday. Thus, the lengthening of time for the project.

 Did I mention that we had a record cold winter here in Utah? 
 We had the saw outside for a day, but I literally cried every time I had to go outside. My fingers were literally freezing trying to use the saw. So we finally wised up and built a space in the garage (still cold, but much more manageable).

 The floor is a handscraped laminate wide plank in a chocolate brown color. I LOVE it!!!

Did I mention two days after we were almost completely done, Christopher noticed some strange bump by the kitchen sink. Oh, our dishwasher decided to spring a leak underneath the new floors. So, we ripped it all out again. Before we could redo the floors we had to fix the dishwasher and ensure no more leaks. After two frustrating weeks without a working dishwasher and ripped up floors again, we finally fixed the simple problem (get rid of the old copper piping and install braided piping that is flexible). We could have just called a plumber, but we bought this house hoping to learn all we could about home repair and diy. We truly learned and looking back now, I'm glad we didn't hire it out. We saved a ton of money (although, I realized after the fact that our homeowner's insurance probably would have paid for someone to come fix it), but more than that, we learned how to do it ourselves. We relaid the floors for the 2nd time (luckily we had a ton of extra flooring) and were even more grateful for an almost finished kitchen. Now all we have left is to finish the baseboards and paint. Then, you'll get to see the magical before and after. Let me just say, I LOVE my kitchen now and it isn't even done yet!

Goofy Kids and Makani's 1st day of Primary. . .December 2012

Makani often likes to get herself ready. . .today was a makeup and hair clips kind of day!


video video video

Christmas 2012

Well, being that I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, I was a little spacey and didn't get as many pictures as I should have, but we did get a ton of video. I tried to condense some of it for you, but it is still long. Enjoy!

Malachi was super sleepy on Christmas Eve. . .both kids went to bed before we had time to do the nativity, so we did it Christmas morning instead.


Farewell to our Russian Grandparents. . .August 2012

Here for the sealing this week, but will return to us as missionaries entering the MTC:

More long lost photos. . .Celeste's Baby Shower August 2012

Excuse the fact that I didn't take time to edit anything. . .

I just wanted to get them up for you to see the raw form that is. . .